May 2007

crossing not in use

some times when a sign says something you can ignore it. this one has a net and a giant hole to prevent that happening here.

try a new nationality

here’s a nice idea to help us better understand the global culture we find ourselves thrust upon.
for just £3.75 you can be fully english, all day. bowler hat, monocle and pipe included in the price
sometimes you might want to consider the pros and cons of different nationalities (or even different regionalities)

abandoned seats in a forest

it’s always nice to see chairs. especially like these which are facing opposite directions and being reclaimed by a forest.

treat yourself to eco cleaning

isn’t the whole idea of the eco-thing that you think of more than just yourself ? so i wonder whether treat yourself to eco cleaning is really the message to be encouraged ? or is it just a stealthy way of attracting the eco-refuseniks ?

sail boat trips hire fishing donuts

are these people interested in your safety when you are out in the their boats ? just when you start to wonder whether a proper outfit might have more professional signs, you get sidetracked by the donuts and all suddenly seems goooood.