March 2006

my worst picture ever ?

this made me feel a bit sick so i thought i’d share it with you. it’s a pair (?) of grubby looking dentures
they were left on a bin on the southbank in london (in case they are yours and you want to pop back to get them)

the best highchair ever ?

here is seb’s highchair. is this the coolest thing on the planet or what ? it’s like a giant ashtray on a stick. but much more healthy

seb and jane

we had lunch with some friends yesterday and it was lovely. here is their excellent little chap, called Seb, in conversation with my excellent little wife jane.

the church cleaning rota
there’s probably something spiritual here about going to church and cleansing yourself, or maybe getting rid of the rubbish in your life. i’m sure there’s a good pun i’m missing here though.

andy not playing charades

andy and gill came for tea last night and it was lovely. a proper grown up dinner event with no children.
andy looks like he’s playing charades here, but he’s not. he’s actually recreating the pose of a paper cut out doll in human form.


i went for a walk yesterday afternoon with Richard drummer and Big Eye Tony. our walk took us by some bird hides so we decided to become bird experts.
tony big eye is already a bird expert it seems, but Richard was less so, and, as you are already aware, i’m generally clueless on matters of nature.
here is tony with his fancy binoculars (bins/binos/’oculas)
if you want to know what birds we saw then there’s a list below:

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three legged bird

here’s a funny thing. it’s a bird with three legs. you might need to click the picture for a bigger view

barcolonical postbox

thanks to Rik for sending me this rather sad postbox from barcelona.

frosty holly
we’ve not had any snow where i live, but it has been quite frosty. here’s some frosty holly leaves i passed on the way to work the other morning


i can’t remember where i saw this glove. i really should write these things down.