March 2006

how to blend in with a crowd

this chap has had a brilliant idea. he’s dressed up as a fish. with a carrier bag.
what a brilliant idea. wouldn’t it be great if everyone had to dress up like a fish one day a year. you could choose your own day of course so it everyone wouldn’t be a fish on the same day – that would be silly.

great sign from ljubljana

this is a great collection of signs sent in by reader johnny, who says they can be found in ljubljana, which is, of course, the capital of Slovenia.
it’s a great collection. i love the variations in the similar signs and the girls hair is great too


me skiiing
this is a self portrait i took whilst sliding along. the camera was upsway down, rather than me (at this time)
the only sport i do is walking. and that’s not particularly sporty. but when i was off at the winter olympics i got to have a go at skiing
look how relaxed and natural i looked whilst moving slowly on two pointy flat sticks
here is the steepest incline i went down. i nearly dissappeared off down that dip to the right at one point, but managed to catch hold of the rope to stop myself.
i had a great time though and would consider going on a ski holiday. so there.

special offer – men’s haircut

here’s a funny old sign. men’s haircut £10.
i may be wrong but are men’s haircuts impulse buys ?
and those pictures off to the left look like the world’s worst men’s haircuts. unless you are in an 80s heavy metal band.