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ham house

we went to Ham House yesterday as it was bank holiday monday (ba-ho-mo for short).
here are some signs with the word ‘ham’ in them

when we got home kezia said “it wasn’t really made of ham was it”. i was glad she noticed that.


2 thoughts on “ham house”

  1. I often look for the paranormal in your photos and the Ham House street sign clearly has a misty figure holding onto the pole. The mist actually overlaps the lower right direction sign. Also as an aside there is a streak on the smaller Ham Street sign. Just thought it was an interesting addition to the picture, might be worthy of a second photo shoot.

  2. you got me there Angools.
    that was shot out of our car window as we turned at a junction. i did notice the reflection but thought it added something more mysterious to the photo – which it obviously did !
    good spotting. and it’s unlikely we’ll be going back soon as it was a holiday day trip.
    let me know if you spot anything else other-worldly on the site

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