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hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

i went to see hitchhiker guide to the galaxy with Big Eye last night. it was very good in a quirky way and you’ll probably enjoy it !
here are the food and drink i attempted to consume during the film. cinemas are funny old places. these days are they are generic warehouses.
in the good old days they used to dress the place up in the theme of whatever film (singular) which was showing. these days, you’re lucky for a poster.
but there’s more chocolate and fizzy drink available than ever before !


2 thoughts on “hitchhikers guide to the galaxy”

  1. cinemas actually make more money from the food and drink than thay do from the films. (The Times – 3rd May)
    popcorn is the most marked-up substance on the planet. (printer ink must be a close second).
    HH Guide – was by far best as a radio show – the book and terrible TV adaptation in the 80s don’t come anywhere near. Have not seen the film yet, but sounds enjoyable.
    On his 42nd birthday, Douglas Adams received a present from Dave Gilmour – it was a ticket allowing the bearer the chance to perform with Pink Floyd live. The event actually took place in Australia.
    Is that why 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything?

  2. it’s still probablt the case that the order of HHG fantastical-ness goes:
    radio, book, tv series, film.
    i enjoyed the simple nonsense of the film and not having to think very much. and the fizzy drinks and chocolate !
    it’s funny how everyone has a strong view on HHG. it’s like marmite. perhaps

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