March 2005

modern london housing

these look like packing crates. but they are actually modern london city houses.

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royal philharmonic orchestra lorry

transport of classical music is one of my less well populated categories. so i was delighted to see this today.
hello to the drivers who wanted me to say hello to them on this here blog. hello.



a colleague

do you spot the similarity between this man here and the top picture here ?

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it’s always good to have another career in mind. here is me playing the part of a jolly cobbler.

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bored of telly ?

are you bored of telly ? well you can go to this cobblers and watch straps and batteries being fitted

the best slidey man

who is the best slidey man ? well, last night, despite not winning, i was deemed the best slidey man.
i was obviously disappointed not to win. here i am looking very sadened alongside the winner and another loser:

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in the heat of the moment, in the game, i pulled off some audacious moves and surprised myself with my gamesmanship.
As a result i was presented with this luxury engraved tankard by a very important fellow:

blocked loo

this toilet made me think of Dr Who for some reason (returning to british telly on saturday night)

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bollard interbreeding

this standard red cone has mated with this yellow metropolitan cone. the resulting offspring can be seen behind.
it’s got the shape of red, but the colours of yellow.

city hall

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coke on a windowsill

i’ve extended my category definition of coke on railings to include windowsills and walls.
it’s my blog. i can’t make up my own rules.
actually, it’s kind of all our blog since you probably spend longer looking at it than i do.

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dog sign

i’m not entirely sure whether this counts as a sign of a dog. but it is a sign with the word ‘dogs’ on it.

crouch end

sometimes photos look better from the wrong side.

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peak dwell time target

we could play london underground station top trumps. London Bridge – ‘peak dwell time target: 35 seconds’

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