March 2005

leap frog

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happy easter

easter is the most important part of the Christian calendar. It’s about something which i totally believe happened as an event in history.
if it didn’t happen then christianity is worthless.
but since i (and many others) believe it did happen, we should totally celebrate what it means !
so, to all i say “happy easter” !
and to all who wouldn’t call themselves Christians, perhaps today would be a good thinking day, to use to think about what life is really about.

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trolley at the altar

there’s got to be some fantastic/comedy biblical explanation for this. but i can’t think of it.

the balloon person

esther spotted this before i did. it’s a balloon person. just legs and a load of balloons for a body:

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kezia the racing driver

kezia’s legs are a little short, but she can still do the foot pedals if we put them on a box.

happy easter

it’s easter sunday so happy easter to you.


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bank holidays are tiring

we visited our local village church yesterday morning for their Good Friday children’s activities. it’s interesting visiting other people’s churches and it makes you think what it must be like for people visiting our own church.
after all the activities we went for a massive bike ride. unfortunately my bike had two flat tyres for most of the way. some kind souls came out of their houses at one particularly ‘low’ moment and lent us their pump !
when we got home the girls were exhausted despite not doing much cycling themselves (although i think esther does some with her tag-along bike).
after a family hour of midtown madness computer games we all watched Shrek 2 and went to bed !


canapes (can of peas)

royal mint

just look at this chap !

glove and yellow line

a very dramatic glove picture. it just reached the line.

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lost cat and other cat

here is a lost cat sign:
and here is a cat looking out of a restaurant window: