March 2005

st pauls

when i took this i also took these (click them for bigness):
st paul’s cathedral:

and a bit more zoomy inny:

and this one of general buildings and that:

trolley trap

don’t go in here. it’s a trap


now don’t get me wrong, but do you ever wonder what life would be like if you’d taken another path ? occasionally i consider how worse off i’d be if i hadn’t met my lovely wife jane. i had a glimpse of what a poor predicament i’d be in earlier this week.
we’ve had the decorators and so have been sleeping on our inflatable mattress on the floor in our living room this week. since we have no telly in our bedroom it was quite a novelty watching telly in bed (especially from this funny angle – although i think Michael Stipe’s head always looks like that).
jane’s guitar at the foot of the bed made it appear like a pretty good batchelor pad. however, on reflection, life is most excellent as it is.
and we’ve now moved back upstairs. together.

field and hills

the snow clouds were gathering and we were walking up a hill. here is the inverse of what we saw. click it to enjoy a bit morely.

click for big


and so the saga ends

hear the tree bark

you’ve heard the saying ‘his bark was worse than his bike’ well, here is a tree which has chosen to amplify its voice to equalise that equation.

trolley crash

Brad sent me this photo ages ago and then i lost it, but now i found it. it’s a great picture of what looks like a high speed trolley pile up in the Bronx !

2012 olympics

i mentioned last week about the olympic exhibition in Traf Square. i went in yesteday lunchtime whilst walking back to the office. it was quite good actually.
it’s only a teeny weeny exhibition but well worth a spare 2 minutes if you are passing
there’s a giant aerial map of london on the floor which is fascinating. there’s also a nice wall-of-smoke to walk through:
DSC07806.jpg DSC07809.jpg
here are hyde park and buckingham palace/westminster/london eye

click maps to inspect more detail

dog’s dinner

can you believe they have restaurants just for dogs these days. it’s SO unfair. they probably get to take their scraps home in human-bags.
DSC07798.jpg DSC07799.jpg

booooing !

here’s two fantatic things which go bbooooooing !
hydraulic boingy thing:
bollard on a pogo-stick boingy thing: