March 2005

history is dead

after spending 4 hours walking at speed round Windsor Park and castle on saturday we went as a family to the Tower of London on Sunday.
it’s most excellent (though very pushchair unfriendly). i’ve dozens of photos of both trips to share with you over the coming weeks.
but for now, here’s a list of people executed by a sign. if your name was on this sign you’d probably avoid going near it.

click to read the death list

2 royal hats

hats were plentiful in the Tower of London.
the one on the left was spotted and photo’d by esther who made kezia pose in this position for ages whilst she got the photo right.
DSC07981.jpg DSC07983.jpg
did you spot the little vampire on the second hat ? i suspect this hat wasn’t lost by a child, rather disposed of by it’s parents:

glove – not lost

my collection of glove sighting’s aren’t just lost gloves. here is a good example of some gloves which probably weren’t lost, but are still worth photoing.
kezia spotted these when everyone else missed them. she’s a true protege in the glove spotting department


curry can have this effect. photo by matt the web landlord


here are a couple of glove in an absolutely classic place. they were next to a gate near a public footpath.
i think they are both doing cow impressions

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marathon training

andy and i went on a marathon training walk today in Windsor Great Park. we did 25km in just over 4 hours. not massively speedy, but a fair pace i think.
have you sponsored me yet ? i’d really appreciate it if you would – it’s all for a good cause.
here are andy and i on our walk. i look weird because i’m walking backwards to try and take a few miles off my pedometer.

click to admire our handsome-ness
here’s another photo of me checking i wasn’t going to crash in to someone (the problem of walking backwards):

new photography concept (to me at least)

on our walk andy and i discussed a variety of things (as men spending 4 hours together are want to). along the way we discussed the works of Brian Eno and his interest in the random as part of the creative process.
and so was born this new photography technique. you take your camera and hold it directly above your head (upside down) to take a photo of what’s behind you.
here’s my first attempt. it’s the sky. mostly.
i shall try this technique in other situations.

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black and white
DSC07860.jpg DSC07914.jpg



xmas is finally over

“can we throw the christmas tree out yet mum, it’s been dead for weeks”
“not until the beginning of March”

street lights

traffic lights need to lie down too.

chained squasher

it’s a commuter-strength automatic pogo machine (which handily is exempt from the london congestion charge)