September 2004



view from the window

there some great clouds going by at the moment which reminded me that ages ago i said i was going to ask a geography teacher and a meteologist why it doesn’t rain as much first thing in the morning (ie why i usuallly manage to avoid rain on the way to work).
the geography teacher didn’t even believe my hypothesis. she lives in a rainy town in the west of town and hasn’t done much teaching for a while as she’s been making babies. so she’s probably forgot.
but our friend the meteologist sent the following:
You are quite right that it is more likely to rain in the afternoon particularly in the summer with showery type rain. Showery type rain comes from convective clouds and for convection you need wamer surface so air near surface can warm up and go up (convect!) To warm surface need sun, longer sun been out warmer surface, more convection more likely to have rain. In some parts of the tropics you can set your watch by when the rain starts in the afternoon.
Non-showery type rain (due to “weather fronts”) dont give a stuff about the time but thats the type which seems to rain all day (or more)

So now we know !

losy eeyore

i’m working from home today so got to take esther to school which was fun. there was a coffee morning for parents so i had a hot water as esther proudly showed me all the work she’s already done this term.
then it was registration time so i came home to work.
on the way we saw this lost eeyore. According to esther he’s been there all week and has no tail.

mystery thing

here’s your friday quiz. what do you think this ? i think it’s quite guessable.
mystery object


what have they done to the humble kit kat ? they’ve given it a subtle make over which i’m not happy with.
look at the cheap special offer label. 30 pence. much too cheap for a quality product. It was a limited offer and there was only one in the shop.
but look at the picture on the back ! chocolate shouldn’t be eaten by dyed haired bimbos !
you can see what happens when they try:
the kit kat is supposed to be a sophisticated chocolate bar not some giddy headed fun biscuit.

one long leg

this bloke has one leg longer than the other. poor chap.
DSC02674.jpg DSC02674b.jpg

quite expensive luxury fruit juice

£7 / 100ml is quite a lot for a drink. That’s £70/litre. There was obviously some mistake on the pricing label and i wanted to make sure it wasn’t the price / bottle figure which was incorrect.
so i pointed out to a shelf stacker in Tescos that i wasn’t prepared to pay £17.50 for a 250ml bottle of juice and he got very confused.
so i pointed at the sign a few times and explained my maths until he eventually walked off.
in the end it only cost me £1.75 so i needn’t have worried anyway. And if it makes my cold go away then it was money well spent.
but it probably won’t so probably wasn’t.

door bells

look at all these door bell buttons. brilliantly anonymous.

autumnal equinox

it’s now darker than it is light in the UK which is a shame. it’s dark when i leave the house and nearly dark when i get home. so that means i need to use flash for my photos which don’t look as good as when lit by the sun.
and so seasonally adjusted misery has kicked in and i’ve got my first sore throat and head cold. the weather’s too hot for a coat but too cold not to wear one.
enough of this uncharacteristic whingeing !
the leaves on the floor are starting to look nice.

advertise here

street advertising could be the future. especially if you were trying to market a product to street cleaners.
here is the little sign. i would have got a better picture only a man with a dog appeared at the doorway next to wear i was standing and i think he thought i looked a bit suspicious !


i’ve seen two mouses in the last few days. both on pavements and both very tricky to get nice photos of. i didn’t show you the other mouse as it was quite frankly dead. and i wasn’t sure if you’d like that.
so here is a living mouse sitting nicely outside paddington station.

esther’s first homework

esther is now in year 1 at school and now gets homework. here she is with her first set of spellings.
it’s a list of words beginning with ‘sh’ and includes shop, ship, shed, shampoo, she, and bizzarely, he and we !
her writing and spelling are alreayy better than myn.