September 2004

ricky gervais

i saw ricky gervais yesterday morning whilst walking to a meeting.
A bit later at the meeting one of my colleauges who also works nearby said he sees him most days. and he’s a regular Denis Norden spotter too.
ricky gervais
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toilet signs

.watch out for the door .and “nibbles” .And Full Stops At The Beginning Of Sentences Instead Of The End
DSC02918.jpg DSC02919.jpg


a seriously wounded bollard


tombola or raffle ?

around the bins

how many times have you wanted to sit next to a bin for a while but had no convenient place to rest yourself ? well, i’d have had no trouble this morning if i’d wanted to sit next to this bin as there were not one, not three, but TWO seats provided.
if i’d sat there i would have pondered the circularity of throwing a dustbin in to the dustbin (as seen on the right of the left hand picture). i may also have been able to consider doing a little ironing (as seen on the right of the right hand picture)
DSC02909.jpg DSC02910.jpg

tiny goblet

i thought this was a fancy egg cup. but it’s got some stange compartment up the top, so i suspect it’s not.
i was particularly impressed by the effect the camera flash had on the pavement on the picture on the right. it turned bland tarmacadam in to shimering jewels. a bit like God does really.
DSC02907.jpg DSC02908.jpg

coloured bags in a lorry

i once worked in a restaurant as a commis chef. i hadn’t got a clue what that meant (and still don’t) but it did involve having to go on a council run kitchen hygiene course. so i’m qualified hygenic.
anyway, one of the important things i learnt was to always check your milk bottles for dead mice. another important thing was never to eat the raisins you find in the store room cupboard.
i also learnt that you need different coloured chopping boards for different types of food – cooked meats, uncooked meats, salads, mannequins, spleens etc.
perhaps these bags use a similar coding. perhaps not. but it’s a nice story anyway.

plastic flowers

here are some plastic flower petals on the floor. i included my boot-toes as i thought you might be interested.
if you aren’t interested in my boot-toes then just look at the top half of these photos.
DSC02904.jpg DSC02905.jpg

we’ve been to hull and back

we’ve been away this weekend.
we journey’ed to the north of england to a small hamlet called Hull. Here is a birdseye view (what a pea would see).
we stayed with our lovely friends richard, julia, joseph, hannah and bethany. they have a variety of aninmals.
we had a great time and i got loads of photos to show you. but i’ll pace myself.
meanwhirl, here are esther and kezia taking bella the dog for a walk.
DSC02877.jpg DSC02889.jpg

pewari’s found shoes

pewari is a regular reader.
i didn’t know this and neither did most of the rest of you i’d guess. but she does and i know that because she told me. in an email.
but not only that, she also sent me this photo which contains not one, not three, but TWO different random shoes.
i’ve no idea of where she found them, but they look very good. so a big thank you to you (if you are pewari, which at least one of you is).

bizarre car

matt sent me this car he spotted on Whitechapel High Street. it looks very good.
it has an L plate which means someone is learning to drive in it. or maybe it means the car is learning to be a real car. from the looks of it it needs plenty more practice.