quite expensive luxury fruit juice

£7 / 100ml is quite a lot for a drink. That’s £70/litre. There was obviously some mistake on the pricing label and i wanted to make sure it wasn’t the price / bottle figure which was incorrect.
so i pointed out to a shelf stacker in Tescos that i wasn’t prepared to pay £17.50 for a 250ml bottle of juice and he got very confused.
so i pointed at the sign a few times and explained my maths until he eventually walked off.
in the end it only cost me £1.75 so i needn’t have worried anyway. And if it makes my cold go away then it was money well spent.
but it probably won’t so probably wasn’t.


7 thoughts on “quite expensive luxury fruit juice”

  1. I once tried to explain to a bank clerk that a four digit PIN number had 10,000 permutations.
    He didn’t get it and said there must be millions of permutations.
    I should have tried to withdraw a million pounds and been “quids in”.

  2. These drinks are lovely.
    At Glastonbury festival they are sold from an ice cream van covered in grass. Also guys walk around selling them from grass covered backpacks. Very cool and funky

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