August 2004

sorry we are closed

the shop owner might be sorry, but the bailiffs were probably less so. at least according to the formal notification posted below their sign.

kids love broccoli

imagine their surprise at opening their tin of beans to find a little broccoli in there ! it must be why they threw the tin out in to the street.

luxury lolly

this melted lolly looked like a precious flower. beauty in decay or something.

aliens have arrived

i spotted this little space ship on the road on the way to work this morning. i’ve always thought it quite presumptious that alien life forms would be the same shape and size as human beings (or beans).
so it was no surprise to me that now they’ve eventually turned up they’ve arrived in a teeny weeny spaceship on what must be to them a giant landing strip.
i was a little concerned that they’ve parked on the wrong side of the road though, so i suspect they aren’t from the UK originally.


i found this headline quite entertaining but i’m not sure why. i’m sure the story itself was quite upsetting for those involved, but it does raise a number of comical images in my mind.


as you will have realised our scottish holiday had a good mix of friends and family as well as sightseeing and walking. here is our family and jane’s aunt all looking out for interesting things:
and here is one of those family photos which will hopefully take precidence over the usual boring ones:

definately worth clicking for big

an old horse

this horse in a play park must have a few storied to tell. it looks like it may have had as many repaints as it has had riders.
and it’s perfectly positioned to watch all these things passing.

the obvious ommission

swings too dangerous for kids ? it’s political correctness gone mad.

silently slipping by

please look away now
we saw one of these slide by above water whilst walking along, helpfully marked by its escort boats. there was a load of people in red clothes standing on the top – possibly having a last stretch of the legs and fill of the lungs before a few months of claustrophobia.
these things (i carefuly haven’t used their name or powering mechanism, but you can follow the link above) are strange anyway, but even more so when floating by for all to see.

people remains

it’s back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off. the first week we were in scotland (by the way we are only up to tuesday lunchtime in retro-posts on that week).
whenever we go on holiday we always think about whether we would like to live in the place we are visiting. scotland was a bit wet but was incredibly beautiful.
my main concern would be whether there would be enough blogging material to photo. working in london is great for photos, but would the highlands be quite as good. nature can provide some fantastic photos of course, but it’s the human touch on life that i enjoy.
if ever we did move (highly unlikely in the near future i imagine) then i think rivers could provide a solution to my human remains problem. we took a walk along the Clyde in Helensburgh and saw all sorts of junk washed up.
here’s a fridge and a squashed buoy:
DSC05109.jpg DSC05110.jpg

Irn Bru

now here’s a remarkable thing – Irn Bru. On our recent trip to scotland we noticed Irn Bru everywhere. it’s the coca-colo (‘cocalola’ says kezia) of scotland.
i tried some at the loch lomond shores which was an irn bru only establishment.
look at the colour of the thing. i’m sure this is why the stereotypical scotsman has red hair:
they sponsor rubbish bins:
and kids play parks:
cans even wash up on the side of rivers:
oh, and i think it tastes horrid. but then i’m probably not man-enough to drink it or something.