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silently slipping by

please look away now
we saw one of these slide by above water whilst walking along, helpfully marked by its escort boats. there was a load of people in red clothes standing on the top – possibly having a last stretch of the legs and fill of the lungs before a few months of claustrophobia.
these things (i carefuly haven’t used their name or powering mechanism, but you can follow the link above) are strange anyway, but even more so when floating by for all to see.


3 thoughts on “silently slipping by”

  1. I used to watch these things out of the window of the senior common room when at school. The joys of living on the Firth of Clyde. What is even more joyful was that the local government headed notepaper stated XXX: A nuclear free zone. Oh yes, with the subs and a power station hanging about!

  2. i hadn’t realised i had so many scottish readers ! i’d best be careful what i said.
    especially as most of you must have super powers from the radiation ?
    not that it’s any better in the south of england with aldermaston and the atomic weapons place near by.

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