August 2004

seven dials

how about this for a musical “seven dials for seven features”. it could be all about a special gadget that did special things depending on how you set the dials ? yes ? no ? oh well.


here’s an interesting thing. it was a reflection on the road from the sun in a name plate on an office.
my first thoughts were that it was a crown with a cross on top. aha i thought. It’s Jesus – golden crown, the cross etc.
but then i noticed the legs of the person and it looks more like someone arriving at the top of an escalator, or someone on a running machine.
what do you think it looks like ?

more shrubbery blockades

it’s another blocked doorway. this time with a little tree rather than flowers.
perhaps it’s a tree(‘s) house

a tricky card

having not seen any playing cards in the wild for a while i spotted two lots today about a mile apart. the first lot are here, but it is this one which really interested me.
i spotted it on the floor and used my usual paper kicking technique to flip the card over, but it would not turn. i kicked again and it just skidded down the pavement. one more kick and it flipped in the air but landed back face down. i gave it one more kick to no avail then decided to stop as it was heading for the road.
so i bent down, turned it over, and it was … the joker !
DSC05928.jpg DSC05929.jpg


some cards on a fire escape
DSC05925.jpg DSC05926.jpg



street cleaner

i was chased down the street by this cleaner this morning as i stopped to take pictures of all the food and drink related rubbish i saw. i was happy in the knowledge that it was all being cleaned up, but i think mr street cleaner was worried i was going to report him for not being fast enough.

gold tops

the tops of these railing have been painted gold since i went on holiday. they look quite fancy now