February 2004

luncheon destination

today, hopefully, i shall be dining up here at lunch time. i’m really hoping the sky will stay as clear and blue as it is right now. unlikely though i think.

potato ?

here is something wrapped in tin foil. or is it aluminium foil. if only i had had a magnet. i don’t know what is inside.
it’s probably a potato but i could be transplant organs as it was just off London’s explusive private clinic area – Harley Street. [i accidentally made the word explusive up – i think it’s a good one. you can use it if you like]

disturbing advert

i pass a food shop in the morning which sells a wide variety of goods. I noticed last week that they had put up a poster advertising their shop a little further down the street. it’s a little strange so i thought i’d share it with you.
a boy with two heads:
apples apparently smothered in cooking oil:


esther likes to wear a leotard to do a jigsaw. jane was relegated to the floor.



teething tree

here is a teething ring in a tree. ideal for trees to teeth on. trees do have teeth but they aren’t very good. usually their bark is worse than their bite.

another day of conference

so no updates til this evening again. how did you get on with your pancakes by the way ?

pancake fun

it’s pancake day today.
esther mixed whilst kezzie watched
DSC00570.jpg DSC00569.jpg
jane enjoyed tossing them (note the psychedelic camera work):
and everyone enjoyed eating them (with chocolate sauce, lemon and sugar)
DSC00584.jpg DSC00586.jpg


three seperate bulbs have blown in our house in the last 24 hours. very mysterious. one even blew a fuse and i had to do some mending in the fuse box. what does it all mean ?
i’m reminded of The Fall song which repeats “there’s no bulbs in the house, the lights have gone out”. that was a fantastic song.


it was raining this afternoon so people were carrying umberellas and wearing hats. this bloke on the tube was obviously worried about getting his hat wet so he had covered it in plastic wrapping. now that is a very good idea.


it’s quite popular when you die to have a bench named after you. i like this idea. it’s people can rest on you when you’re enjoying your own eternal rest.
this bench in Hyde Park was one of a few which seemed to be dedicated to living people and said things like “to my wife in celebration of our 50th wedding aniversary”. i thought this was a great idea.
when you go to some churches it seems that every piece of brass work is ‘in memory of’ someone or other. it’s a kind of eclesiastical individual sponsorship scheme.

two tone tree

here is a tree which changes colour halfway up its trunk. i thought this was a little strange at the time so i took this photo. perhaps it was grafted.
it reminded me of my old friend who had a false leg and real feet.

pancake day

it’s pancake day today. my trains are broke and i’m in a conference all day so next update tonight.
send me your pancake throwing pictures

goths galore

a comedy moment of misery outside the Astoria just now. lots of goths in a row.
sing together now, “100 moody goths sitting in a row ….”

claudia schiffer

here is claudia schiffer. i couldn’t get any closer because of the paps.
DSC00539.jpg DSC00547.jpg
surprisingly i was able to get a better shot of Alan Yentob once she had glided off !
DSC00554.jpg DSC00543.jpg
(it was some promotional thing to do with painting by numbers and Totally London – no i didn’t understand either !)


meercats with cameras

found photo !

i found this photo under a lorry by St Paul’s Cathedral. i thought it looked like it could be a photo but it was face down. so i knelt down and put my hand under the lorry (hoping it wouldn’t drive away). and to my delight it was a passport photo (the purest type of found photo).
best of all was that i was leaving a message on our home answer machine at the time and you can hear my exclamation of delight !
UPDATE: now added to davescollections


i saw this man walking the streets spraying randomly as he went (he had a little nozzle thing which is hidden by the bus stop). i took his photo in case it turns out he was spraying some deadly poison.

a strange globe

here is the top of a building at the junction of tottenham court road and oxford street. it’s most peculiar and seems to have some kind of ancient chinese gazebo vibe going on.