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Monthly Archives: February 2004

here is something wrapped in tin foil. or is it aluminium foil. if only i had had a magnet. i don’t know what is inside.
it’s probably a potato but i could be transplant organs as it was just off London’s explusive private clinic area – Harley Street. [i accidentally made the word explusive up – i think it’s a good one. you can use it if you like]

i pass a food shop in the morning which sells a wide variety of goods. I noticed last week that they had put up a poster advertising their shop a little further down the street. it’s a little strange so i thought i’d share it with you.
a boy with two heads:
apples apparently smothered in cooking oil:

three seperate bulbs have blown in our house in the last 24 hours. very mysterious. one even blew a fuse and i had to do some mending in the fuse box. what does it all mean ?
i’m reminded of The Fall song which repeats “there’s no bulbs in the house, the lights have gone out”. that was a fantastic song.

it’s quite popular when you die to have a bench named after you. i like this idea. it’s people can rest on you when you’re enjoying your own eternal rest.
this bench in Hyde Park was one of a few which seemed to be dedicated to living people and said things like “to my wife in celebration of our 50th wedding aniversary”. i thought this was a great idea.
when you go to some churches it seems that every piece of brass work is ‘in memory of’ someone or other. it’s a kind of eclesiastical individual sponsorship scheme.

here is claudia schiffer. i couldn’t get any closer because of the paps.
DSC00539.jpg DSC00547.jpg
surprisingly i was able to get a better shot of Alan Yentob once she had glided off !
DSC00554.jpg DSC00543.jpg
(it was some promotional thing to do with painting by numbers and Totally London – no i didn’t understand either !)

i found this photo under a lorry by St Paul’s Cathedral. i thought it looked like it could be a photo but it was face down. so i knelt down and put my hand under the lorry (hoping it wouldn’t drive away). and to my delight it was a passport photo (the purest type of found photo).
best of all was that i was leaving a message on our home answer machine at the time and you can hear my exclamation of delight !
UPDATE: now added to davescollections

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