February 2004

polystyrene ankle protectors

here are two polysteyrene packaging things which have holes just wide enough to put your feet in (as demonstrated by my leg here).
i was going to put them on and walk the rest of the way to work, but decided not to when i’d got the first one on. there was a real danger of street fallage.
And jane would skin-me-alive if i went through the knees of my work trousers.

hideous sayings

two phrases from my youth have just sprung to mine.
my dad, a lovely gentle chap would occasionally threaten to “skin us alive” or “have our guts for garters”.
before the child protection people move in and have me sent to a children’s home he never said these things in anger, just as comedy phrases in play arguments (he’s not the arguing type).
As far as i know, he never went through with either of these threats.
here is my dad with kezia:

milk deliveries

i picked up quite a lot of different pieces of paper off the floor this morning, including this, which is a milkman’s delivery schedule.
i was pleased to have found this until i realised there were loads of them all blowing down the street:


these catkins amuse me. they look like they are scurrying off somewhere. but where ? i think they are acting like paisley with their swirly wirlyness.

bread cakes

yes sir, yes sir, here are two bags full of bread cakes. or buns. or baps. or cobs. there are so many names for this basic food item.

hampton court palace

today we went to Hampton Court Palace. It’s riddled with history. esther and kezia really enjoyed it.
pity it was absolutely freezing and esther forgot her coat …
esther guided us to the centre of the famous maze and back out again.
here is kez and esther next to an oversized cut out of Henry VIII.

liz’s birthday

here is liz. she had her birthday party today and we were invited. liz goes to the church we went to before we moved house. so it was great to see her and a number of other families with little children who we hadn’t seen for ages.
i know i’ve said this before, but i’m really looking forward to heaven. it’s going to be so cool to meet up with christian friends we’ve known throughout our lives (and billions others !).
once again i’ve managed to change the topic from happy stuff to death. but you see where i’m coming from i think.

one lady and her art

leave people alone with kids toys and they create fantastic things.
here is some fuzzy felt art. i was very impressed. whenever i try and create anything it’s usually rubbish (often quite literally)
the artist:


kezia has teeth coming through. this causes random misery (for all involved). it also makes her cheeks quite rosey and red

the kez and i

esther took this photo. i was very impressed. esther (age 4) is better at taking photos than kezia (aged 2) is at driving a car with a steering wheel in Midtown Madness 2. both activities are good fun to watch.
it’s even funnier when we play a network game with esther and kezia both trying to drive. esther can just reach the foot pedals on my computer and kezia sits on my knee at jane’s computer.

ghostly galleons

my mum got esther a game for christmas called Ghostly Galleons and it’s most excellent. normal kids games are a bit boring or noisey and run out of batteries.
This game is a bit like snakes and ladders but there’s an element of skill as well as luck. and it’s quite exciting when you move the pirate and the boat spins round and various player’s pieces going flying off in to the ‘sea.
esther and her friends love it. and kezia likes spinning the little spinner and putting her person on the top of the mast.
when you’ve got the game you then need to learn to speak like a pirate

the end of TV

our telly broke. we bought it from ASDA (Walmart) so it’s got a three year guarantee on it and a man is coming to look at it tomorrow morning. i’m feeling quite positive about the whole situation.
as a stop gap measure i enjoyed resurrecting an old PC and installing a TV card in it. Once i’d got it up and running and all tuned in we realised there was nothing decent on anyway. oh well.
i like having a PC in our front room. it somehow speaks of a future world of interactive enjoyment. even if the machine is 5 years old, massively noisey and only boots one in three times.
i suspect it may be sent back to its rightful corner as soon as our telly gets mended.
UPDATE: the telly man came and took it away to be mended and left a loan one for us to watch whilst they are doing the work. So far this has been great post-sale support from Asda !


automatic post updating
If you see the autoblogging sign it means i’ve set the site up to keep you amused automatically. it usually means i’m not able to access my computer for some reason – perhaps travelling with work or going some place where i don’t know if they have internet connectivity.
or maybe i just want some time off.
anyroad, you will be funished with your usually daily funky goodness.
but approving comments might take slightly longer than usual.
enjoy the machine …

award winners

it was a big awards night for the industry i work in last night. my company won two awards, but the real highlight for me was the triangular arctic-roll chocolate cake. i wasn’t the only one who was impressed
DSC00433.jpg DSC00434.jpg
i discovered that if you stuck your face against the transparent plastic award you could achieve a highly upleasant effect. It also make an attractive dagger.
DSC00441.jpg DSC00444.jpg

johnny vegas

how’s this for a celebrity spot – Johnny Vegas on Tottenham Court Road. he was walking towards me and for once i had the presence of mind to react before he’d walked on down the street.
I asked if i could take his photo and he said ‘yes of course’ and i said “i’m really looking forward to your new film” and he was really chuffed and said “oh, thanks”. then my camera was ready and i took my photo and that was that

click for big version
a few minutes later i walked past a bus which was advertising his new film which comes out tomorrow (see bus side for details!)

click for big version

little britain

this is one of my favouritist street signs in london. to me it sums up modern Britain. Britain used to be Great with its mighty empire.
but now it’s just Little Britain. and that’s fine with me.