another day of conference

so no updates til this evening again. how did you get on with your pancakes by the way ?


3 thoughts on “another day of conference”

  1. Yes, we had pancakes yesterday, but then we have them about once a fortnight. 1st course, savoury ones, 2nd course, sweet ones.
    Ash wednesday today. Lent beckons. The church we go to gives up organ voluntaries for Lent, and we sing the Great Litany in procession – unaccompanied.
    Solemn times!

  2. i was unaware that yesterday was shrove tuesday. however, my roommate and i usually consume pancakes every other sunday or so after church. i use a recipe from “Celebrity Cooks” that my mom has used forever, pancakes by bruno gerusee(of the spelling I am not too sure). he was on the tv show “the beachcombers.”
    bruno made most excellent pancakes.

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