odd socks

i have been accused of wearing odd socks. i am a bloke (fact) and both of my socks are black (originally) so they can’t be odd (in my opinion).
‘odd’ and ‘pair’ are relative terms with a sock continium between them. i believe today’s sock choice lies on towards the pair side of the line.
and it was dark when i put them on this morning.
my feet seem a little strange in this picture. for this i can only apologise.


2 thoughts on “odd socks”

  1. Hi there,
    This sounds very strange! but im doing Graphic Design and Photography at Kingston University, and im doing a project on Obsession. And weirdly enough im doing on the fact that i have an ‘Obsession with wearing odd socks. i can physically put on a pair of matching socks… i now what your thinkning. Anyway i think u should wear odd socks. Any feedback on this would be really appreciated. I dont know what do your work colleges think of this, could i convert them.
    Tom. Cheers

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