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sweets, cakes and ices


i spotted this pez sweet dispenser in the gutter just as one of the friendly street cleaners was brushing it up. i asked him if i could take a photo of it and he kindly held it up for me.
by right, the street cleaners and i should be enemies as they always steal the good stuff before i get to photo it. but in fact we get on great and always greet each other with hearty shouts of ‘morning’ as we pass each other in the morning.
except over christmas when they changed the cleaning people and they didn’t respond to my shouts.

ice cream with flake

i like the simplicity of this sign. ’99’ would have been even simpler, but probably more cryptic to those who don’t know.

esther’s last easter egg

esther made her easter eggs last so long that her last big egg has gone out of date. she decided not to eat it.
but i decided we couldn’t throw it away and i ate it instead.
it was this blog post that made me do it !


a classic british summer scene. click for desktop sized goodness

advertising smarties

smarties are great. little bits of chocolate, all those colours. the whole missing british blue smarty thing, and the allegedly addictive orange ones which turn you hyperactive.
i liked this marketing ploy which was to remove the colour altogether.

smarties are one of those food which work better the more shove in your mouth. it works for crisps too (especially pringles).
enjoyment = (total number of items shoved in to your mouth) squared.
this formula breaks down slightly before the point of choking. you have been warned.

chips and ice-cream

i took our girls to a cafe at the weekend and we all had a go at scopping up blobs of ice-cream with hot chips.
it tasted quite horrid. so i wouldn’t recommend it. unless you like eating horrid things. then you can.
i tried inserting this chip in to esther’s 99. unfortunately the heat of the chip cut through the low grade ice-cream like, well, a hot chip through ice-cream, and fell on the table. that doesn’t happen with flakes we said to each other.
that day, my daughters and i learnt an important lesson about food. unfortunately i’ve forgotten it since so i can’t pass it on.