signs (numbered)

page 56

DSC01870.jpg DSC01870number.jpg
and here is one with a number which was too far to get to. but i will track it down and find its number:

page 75 and 93

i was delighted to spot two more pages from the Paddington Station sign book this morning.
Interestingly there was another page behind page number 93, but the paper was just to thick to read its number and message.
DSC01682.jpg DSC01683.jpg
DSC01682number.jpg DSC01683number.jpg

book of signs (page 150)

here is a sign i saw in paddington station this morning.
this sign must be a temporary measure until the engineers come to mend the escalators. yet it’s been professionally produced. it would have probably been quicker to mend the escalator.
then i noticed it said ‘page 150’ on the bottom left hand corner. i suspect there is a giant book of very specific signs issued to train station managers and they just wrip out the relevant page.
that book must be massive. i shall endeavour to find other pages from this book and report them to you as and when.