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signs (numbered)

page 10 of the paddington poster book

as a reminder, it seems that many of the Paddington Station posters have page numbers on, suggesting there’s some giant book of posters somewhere. i haven’t seen any new ones for a while so it was a delight to see page 10.

lawn lift

it’s page 89 and what a page it is.
Lawn Lift Scenic Lift. It’s all happening.

security awareness

here is poster number 46. it asks us to report anything we see which is suspicious which i think is quite wide-reaching.
scanners are coming to my station next month so there’s no doubt plenty of photo opportunities to be had soon !

new pages at paddington

for those new to funkypancake you may not know that i collect numbered posters. this started when i noticed that each poster in paddington train station had a page number on it.
i’ve never seen the book that these giant pages (about A0 size i think) come from, but we have seen a number 57 before, but it looked slightly different. Probably a different book.

and this one is page number 5 which is quite intriguing. must be a new book.

page 76

here’s page 76 of the paddington station sign book in the streets behind the station.

pages 160

i’m still surprised to see new numbered signs at paddington, so i was delighted to see all these different Page 160s in Paddington yesterday on New Year’s Eve.

click to individual pictures to see slightly bigger versions which are still too small to read

page 06

i thought i’d seen the last of the numbered train signs at Paddington, but this morning i spotted page 6 !

two new pages 22 and 100

well, i thought they’d stopped doing the page numbers at paddington station, but it appears they haven’t. which is great news.
page 100 on the leftis a bog standard one, but inspect page 22, on the right, more closely (by giving it a gentle click).
big brother is not only watching us, but it’s watching them too.

page 135

we haven’t had a numbered sign for a while. to be honest i’m a bit fearful for their future as a new breed of numberless signs have started appearing all over Paddington Station.
it’s the new management i recon. but i’ll keep looking. here’s one i found today. it’s page 135

page 151

another sign pointing to the illusive platform 9

pages 05 and 79

one advantage of having a bonus two hours in paddington was spotting two new numbered signs
DSC02417.jpg DSC02418.jpg

page 123

just when i thought i wasn’t going to see any more numbered signs in paddington station i saw this. it’s page 123.