signs (handwritten)

you miserable thief

i love this sign. it says “why don’t you leave our plants alone, you miserable thief”.
there’s a good use of capital letters (even i agree with their use in this case). And the sentiment is tremendous.
we can only hope the thief reads this little label which was tied to the neck of a large pot plant. they don’t call those bits of a plant necks do they ? trunk i meant. sorry.

anti-freeze time

hoorah. it’s antifreeze time. (what a treat)

number plates we make

does this sign instill confidence ? it was in a car repair shop. i’m not sure if CD repair is in the same league as car repairing. although i couldn’t repair either so i should shut up.

have a loud knoke – thank you very mush

is this one of the best handwritten signs ever or what ?
it reads “The Bell is not working ! Have a loud knoke on the door. thank you very mush”

Achtung !

Achtung ! – why German ? is the sign aimed at English speaking Germans ? those well known condiment and cutlery thieves ?
Pl. – nice abbrev.
our customer – note the singular form. if they’ve only got one customer why don’t they just give them the condiments and cutlery by hand ?
and very serious consequences for non compliance. And random underlining