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someone’s life

occasionally you see piles of clothes on the streets of london. here’s a good example of an emptied suitcase

what intrigued me most with this was the poor quality prince charles tea-towel.

those people with funny hats

someone will know what these people are called. they aren’t beefeaters are they ? last time we looked there was only one, but there’s two now (or at least when i took this photo back in may)

diana memorial garden

you might have heard about the diana memorial garden ? it’s been a bit of a classic – originally a nice idea but went all a bit wrong when people slipped in the water channel. oh well

it’s actually looking very nice now

and see how many categories i can put it in: no dogs, no cycles, people, royalty and slippery floor

buckingham palace

i took this photo on request as kezia had forgotten what the queen’s london house looked like. i thought you might be interested in case you had forgotten too.

princely reporting

prince william graduated yesterday in scotland. so this journalist did a report outside buckingham palace.
he could have stood outside a newsagents shop with all the prince william post cards. but he didn’t.


smart chap

the other one’s nipped off to the loo

where will we put camilla ?

when charles married camila a few weeks ago there was an obvious question we all wanted to ask – where will they live ?
although the queen has lots of houses with lots of rooms, nearly all of them are full of crowns and royal gifts, so camilla couldn’t live there.
instead they decided on this rather nice camper-van just outside the front gate.
ideal for royal visits and an economical alternative to the Royal Yacht (which was actually a giant boat i think)

flags on palaces

i learnt a new thing last week about flags on royal palaces. i always thought it was the case that if a union jack was flying it meant the queen was in residence.
however, it’s only this standard flag here which means she’s actually in the building. the union jack is just general decoration.
apparently the queen’s standard is raised as she enters the building and lowered when she leaves to go off to one of the other palaces.
so now we know.

the media

i was amazed at how many media people were at the wedding in windsor. there was almost more cameras than people. and certain more foreign TV channels and well wishers than UK ones !
is this a catapault to get people in to the castle ?
photographer’s dark room
random interview
and then there were the obvious media stunts like this one from the London Dungeon

the guests arrive

rich and famous guests arriving for the royal wedding in windsor. i looked through lots of windows but didn’t recognise anyone.

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