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rufus stone

whenever we go to Bournemouth we pass a sign post to Rufus Stone. on Saturday we went there to see what it was. And here it is:
there’s more details here, but it seems it was the place of accident monarchy death.
IMG_4559.jpg IMG_4560.jpg

the queen’s guards

on the entrances to Windsor Great Park are various little huts where the park wardens sit. this one was empty so i took a photo of the contents.
it consisted on a first aid kit, a harrods china mug and an old copy of the sunday sport.

the queen closes something

i think i’ve mentioned before that they often get dignitaries in to open buildings, but i’ve not heard of them coming along to close anything.
today the queen went to the BBC to open their new building. And as a result they closed the bike parking, so the queen does close things after all !
i like how they’ve over-dubbed the original sign on this too.

princess anne on a train

princess anne is on this train. i know this because the newspaper man told me. newspaper men know everything.
news is their business, see ?
apparently he’d seen her get out of these cars a few moments earlier

royalty passing

here is the queen’s husband prince Philip in a car.
and here is another car with someone important in. they should really put their names on the outside so we could identify them easilyer

pea beer

a pea dropped in my beer and sunk to the bottom. then the bubbles congregated and it bobbed to the top.
due to the level of the beer and the oldness of my favourite drinking glass it wobbled around in charle’s shirt until i retrieved it with a fork