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plants on the move

trolley pushing a plant

we see a lot of plants on the move, and perhaps this picture helps us understand the cause. this trolley is pushing the plant – we can see this if we look at the bottom of the plant pot (you might need to click the image to see it bigger).

are these the plant movers ?

isn’t that typical – we’ve not seen a watering can for ages and then two come wandering down the road attached to two shaggy looking chaps carrying plants.
these chaps looked really depressed as they sloped down the road, but they were quite symetrical with their watercans and plants.
i asked if i could take a photo and unfortunately (for us) they smiled.


grass van

i think i took a picture of this van once (or one similar). vin sent me this to illustrate his comment here.
vin also sent me the excellent bird photo and i now want to see a vin-blog !

plants on the move

we’ve been aware of the plant uprising for a while but never have we seen one so evolved and aggressive as this one ! photo by mrs funkypancake mrs funkypancake’s sister

they put up a fight

some of the hanging baskets on my way to work have been removed. it looks like they didn’t go without a fight as can be seen by the plants remains all over the floor.