plants on the move

ian’s strange french trees

ian sent me these two pictures of strange french trees. one with wheels and the other with a zimmer frame. perfect examples of plants on the move.
fox_Tree%20with%20wheels.JPG fox_Tree%20with%20Zimmer.JPG

potty plant

it’s a pot plant in a potty in the back of our car.

the hedge people eat a man
i’ve been worried about plants for a long time, hence the category ‘plants on the move’. it seems they’ve now gone one sep further and now got proper faces
sometimes evolution goes down a deadend. here’s a plant mutated in to a frog (no offence intended to any frogs in the audience)


mass break out

regular readers will know of my fear of plant breakouts. i don’t know if it’s a triffid thing, but i don’t like the idea of them jumping out of their containers and chasing people around town.
these guys had definately up and left though