the council goes one better

here is a council street junk collecting van. it contained items of furniture, white good (fridge, cooker), trollies, mattresses etc.
it was like the funkypancake blog doing a roadshow.




i walk from paddington station to tottenham court road in the mornings and i see a lot of stuff no my way. sometimes there’s a theme which only becomes obvious once i reach my office.
today’s theme was obvious quite early on. and continued throughout my journey.
DSC02934.jpg DSC02951.jpg
DSC02953.jpg DSC02955.jpg

around the bins

how many times have you wanted to sit next to a bin for a while but had no convenient place to rest yourself ? well, i’d have had no trouble this morning if i’d wanted to sit next to this bin as there were not one, not three, but TWO seats provided.
if i’d sat there i would have pondered the circularity of throwing a dustbin in to the dustbin (as seen on the right of the left hand picture). i may also have been able to consider doing a little ironing (as seen on the right of the right hand picture)
DSC02909.jpg DSC02910.jpg



outside cabinet

this massive piece of furniture is OUTSIDE my hotel next to the main road rather than inside. very strange. but nice to see when going out in the morning.

abandoned chair with a view

i found a few chairs in undergrowth on holiday. here is the first one.
finding abandoned stuff in the countryside is harder than finding abandoned stuff in london, but it’s also some how more rewarding, and often visually more attractive.