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table rules


what about other people’s safety ?  and why just sitting, leaning, climbing being banned ?

street embassadors delight


i love the street embassadors who live on the streets of london.  this was an absolute classic example.  it looks like some crazy 70s funksters front room , complete with psychedlic carpet, period furniture and glass drinks cabinet


but look closers and you realised it’s just set up in a side street with a nice little sign inviting people to sit down and join them for dinner.  pity i spotted when they were all out partying or something.  but what a brilliant insider outside thing !



the best highchair ever ?

here is seb’s highchair. is this the coolest thing on the planet or what ? it’s like a giant ashtray on a stick. but much more healthy

cupboard in two places
the bottom bit is trying to look like a utility company’s cabinet

4 sofas

yesterday was the day of precarious furniture so it was nice to see 3 sofas balancing out in the street.




chair in a forest

there’s only so far that castors on the modern chair will take you. this one got grounded in the mud in the middle of this dark forest.