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Waddesdon Manor

another lovely trip to waddesdon yesterday to meet my mum before she disappears for a few weeks with work.  we had a lovely morning as usual with a brunch and a walk.


we got very ‘lost’ on the way thanks to me putting the wrong postcode in the satnav.  satnav got us there, but it was the wrong place.  then we realised we hadn’t got a map.  then we saw my mum drive by so we quickly turned round but failed to keep up with her along a wiggly road, but then esther remembered that her car was a different colour and we’d be following a stranger.

so we stopped and i found the proper postcode via my blackberry and we weren’t actually that far away, so it only took us a couple more minutes to find it.

this new arty tyre tree thing was good.


black and white


we had a family funeral yesterday to celebrate the life of a great aunt.  it was the kind of party she would have loved to have attended with her family and friends travelling from all over the country to be there.

this picture is of the vicar and the undertaker.  what a great contrast the two made.  you’ll want to click the picture to study the undertaker – he was dressed perfectly, right down to the wonky pince-nez glasses !

british beaches


my father-in-law avoiding the paps at the beach


jane and me


i’m often accused (by people i know) of not posting enough dreadful pictures of myself despite me often looking like a complete loon who would easily qualify for inclusion.  so here’s a picture taken by my lovely wife jane (below).  jane isn’t a loon.


esther’s birthday party



esther had a cooking party to celebrate her birthday.  due to numbers it’s turned in to a weekend festival with a party yesterday and another one today.


they cooked pizza shaped like cats (of course) and cookies and truffles



and jane mad a magnificent fishy cake (don’t tell the cats)


kezia meets the mayor


i took kezia to a concert yesterday to mark the end of the year.  the mayor was there to give out the certificates (although he outsourced that to his wife)


of course the parent paparazzi were out in force as usual


and the mayor himself was very jolly

stuck in the mud


i took the girls on a bike ride yesterday to the local village post office where we saw a famous person who lives locally.  he laughed at me (in the nicest possible way) for having my bike hat on backwards.  oops.   we went on a more elaborate way back and had to cross this slippery mud pit, which esther managed to get stuck in.

later on i took esther to watch the indiana jones film.  indy wouldn’t have got stuck in a muddle puddle i expect.

the sad story of kev


bother in law kev has been tagged.  he looks proud of it here, but the reality will catch up with him soon.


he found himself stuck behind the bars in the don’t go in there place


and ended up in a bare cell.


let that be a warning to you all.

(thanks to bother in law kev for not being too bothered when i take his photo!)

let the bank holiday begin


the weekend holiday began with a party for jane’s dad (referred to as Party).  this is his grandson (my nephew) Thomas and not Party doing a cart wheel.


here is bother-in-law kev and party


and here’s kev doing egg ‘n’ spoon as part of the faily obstacle race jane constructed

waddesdon manor


we had a agreat day as usual yesterday at waddesdon manor with my mum.  more photos to come – just haven’t had a chance to sort them yet !