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hand trouble

waitrose is posh. as is Marylebone High Street. but not posh enough to have hands on it’s posh waitrose at marylebone clock.

stone clock

here is a nice clock chiselled out of stone. it’s probably stone age or something



experiment update ?

it’s been a while since i last walked past this sign, but it’s still here. interestingly i managed to include a clock in the picture so i can add this post to two categores.
when will the experiment end ? where will it be written up. who gets to keep the lab coats ?

too far

my old tube season ticket used to let me go anywhere. nowadays i walk most places so i just buy tickets as i need them. the cheapest way for me is to buy a Carnet of tickets which works out as 10 tickets for £15.
However, i forgot that these tickets only cover zone 1. so my cunning plan to stay on an extra stop and get off a whitechapel instead of aldgate east backfired when my ticket wouldn’t work to get me out of the station.
i could have paid to be released, but resented that so went back one stop and got off at the proper station. so sorry, but i haven’t got lovely pictures of lovely things this morning.
but i did take this picture of a clock at Whitechapel tube station. i’ve been thinking a lot about analogue and digital clocks this morning. they are very different beasts. perhaps i’ll tell you about it sometime.
oh, and to the person who phoned our house at 2am this morning from a mobile phone. please don’t do that again. it’s made us very tired today.