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civil service time


no wonder we have problems with public projects in the UK.  it’s because civil service time is completely wrong (i took this photo just after 1pm)

the wrong numbers


i was confused by this for a while.  then i realised.



clockwork kids


esther is digital.  kezia is analogue

time we decimalised


this clock was showing 99 minutes past 3 in the afternoon at henley station.  it’s about time these things were decimalised.  i’m all for the 10 hour day

two faced

(demonstrating the compression effect of a long focal length – yawn!)

pocket sundial

how fantastic is this ? it’s a pocket sundial, about the size of a small compact camera. it’s got a little pointer to produce the shadow, a compass and a complicated ready-reconner on the lid.
everything the modern man could ever need in one tiny tin.

time for a revolution ?

it’s takes just one hour for a complete revolution.
i think this is an early example of a dual screen analog/digital watch. unfortunately the digital bit seems to have gone a bit wrong as it’s showing 88 minutes past 16, which in our modern world would be nearly half past 5 in the afternoon. yet the hands show ten to four.