this man has a great little vehicle. i saw him approaching and signalled that i’d like to take his photo.
so he stopped next to where i was standing, waited until i got the photo, then moved on his way.
click for desktop sized goodness

some of my favourite things

it’s a street cleaner’s trolley, a big big and two smaller bins and a one way sign. a lovely tableau.

ipswich street cleaner

i was lucky enough to have to go to Ipswich today for a meeting. if that wasn’t excitement enough, i spotted this fantastic cleaning device.
notice the articulated driver’s standing section which moved independently from the main vehicle giving it a nice roman chariot feel.
DSC03015.jpg DSC03016.jpg

a wheelie bin convention

look at all these wheelie bins gathered in this street. i’m sure they’re up to no good. especially that one with the yellow x on him.
but maybe i’ve misread them. perhaps they are charity do-gooders arranging a plan to tidy the neighbourhood.
i really must learn to look at things more open-mindedly.


a high number of dustcarts seemed to be a bit broken this morning. i suspect sabatage at the depot.
DSC02458.jpg DSC02466.jpg



sawn off bin

here is a most bizarre thing. rather than opening the flap of a lid on a wheely bin, someone has sawn round the top.
that’s a bit like using an old fashioned tin-opener on a can of coke.

jaunty lid

this bin made me laugh with its multiple bin pile up and jaunty lid.

street eraser

this man has a giant street paint eraser on the end of a pipe. here is a picture which you can click for teeny weeny video.
yes sir. we’ve arrived in the 21st Century.