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this chap was spraying water on the cabaret advert as i walked by but by the time i’d whipped my camera out he’d reaimed his yet. 

there was something interesting about him cooling down the risque actors on the poster with the ‘max’ ladies looking on from across the street.

how to avoid mobile driving ban


this chap was zooming along the pavement veering in every direction whilst he talked on the phone.  not sure whether that counts as illegal or not.   was fun to watch though

street cleaner


this chap whizzes around auckland town picking up litter on his official litter moped.  he’s got a grabby stick and is able to spot and retrieve rubbish without getting off his bike.  he’s even able to drop it in to the bucket directly behind him where he can’t even see where it’s going.  genius stuff.

hooray it’s henry


abandoned henry the vacuum cleaner in a london street.  good to see these things haven’t been totally destroyed by the insatiable demand for vortexes in a cleaner

and pigs might fly


a london landmark with a london thing (black cab)


and here again with a dust cart

Ascension of Polkadots on the Trees


i don’t think this cleaning vehicle was part of the art (that rhymes) but it was jolly good none-the-less-the-same


it’s part of this exhibition which i’d love to see.  so i probably will


here are two more nearly but not quite the same shots of the same thing



taking the cleaner for a walk


this lady was dragging her vacuum cleaner down the street by its nozzle.  unfortunately as i swung round to photo her she stopped to pick it up.  funkypancake seems to be all about apologising at the moment.  sorry about that.

street dyson


come to london where the streets are paved with … er … vacuum cleaners