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rocking chair

here’s a rocking chair on the main road. you’ll probably need to click to inspect the big version as the chair is quite small (i hadn’t time to cross the road as i was rushing for my train in the morning)

service station massages

here’s a new invention i’m not that keen on. it’s a massage chair, available for public use in service stations. you pay £1 and get jiggled for 10 minutes.
all it does is shake you around and make your money fall out your pockets and down the back of the cushion.
and, honestly, who would strip off and sit in one of these chairs in the lobby of a service station.
(with the exclusion of saturday night british beer heads)

outside sofa

how often do you walk down the street and see someone’s telly is on and wish you could stop for a while and watch it ?
or perhaps you look through their window and think ‘their life looks interesting, i wish i could hang around for a bit and see what happens next ?’
well, these people are happy for you to do either of the above as they’ve conveniently put a leather sofa in their front garden.


two swivel chairs

here are two swivel chairs in the street. they were about 5 minutes walk from each other, so perhaps they were having a race.