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outside sofa

how often do you walk down the street and see someone’s telly is on and wish you could stop for a while and watch it ?
or perhaps you look through their window and think ‘their life looks interesting, i wish i could hang around for a bit and see what happens next ?’
well, these people are happy for you to do either of the above as they’ve conveniently put a leather sofa in their front garden.


2 thoughts on “outside sofa”

  1. Hi Dave – been reading your pages for a few days now (not constantly) and feel inspired to do an inferior (tiny) version in Bristol, my home of 6 years (is that ok or will feet be stepped on?). It’s truly amazing when you open your eyes/shutter to the idiosyncrasies (sp?) of things around you. Oh yes, the outside sofa…I’ve seen a homeless TV today on the street (and not 2 streets away a homeless TV’s cardboard box). If you’re in need of a sedative, you can see the pics on my S & N Page [ ]
    . You don’t have to publish this – don’t want to taint the whole pancake with Drivel Syrup…

  2. hi merlin2.
    i’m very happy for others to copy the funkypancake concept !
    let me know when your bristol blog is up and i’ll give it a mention.
    toodle pip

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