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the street of london are paved with gold. everyone knows that. as a result they need polishing. here is one such device. left in the street.
i guess the idea is that people walking to work can buff a little on the way then leave it for the next person walking that way to do a bit more. eventually the most travelling walking routes get the most buffing.
or is it a congestion charge avoidance device ? Floor buffers don’t seem to be exempt according to the BBC however.
or it could be one of those new Segway things

more party time today. kez is at a difficult age where she needs 100% supervision. low light today was not being able to remember how to spell kezia’s name. question was did it have an ‘h’ on the end or not. apparently it doesn’t. i should have these things written down somewhere. or better still, get someone to remember it for me. i usually get jane to remember stuff but she has been staying out the way doing exam marking all weekend (hence me looking after the kids)
kid fight

my advice for life is to keep in touch with youth.
if you can’t stay young yourself then simply hang out with young people and avoid looking in the mirror. delusion is rarely an illusion.
here is a photo of the receptionists. they made me take the photo. hoorah for friday afternoons

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