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i’ve just reminded myself of scratch and sniff stickers. it’s no wonder my generation is messed up. we were encouraged to sniff chemicals which vaguely smelt not totally unlike strawberry etc. at the time we thought we were living in willy wonka’s chocolate factory. now we realise it was more like nuclear research.
of course things are much better these days. my daughter puts flourescent sparkly makeup on herself which makes her look like a robot and I zap the family home with WiFi, DECT and a microwave oven.
and my mum used to buy dodgy bits of old scrag end meats from the CJD butchers in Queniborough when i was growing up. Hasn’t effected me of course. [this last sentence is appropriate for use in my obiturary]

i find my best gloves near hospitals or medical places. Harley Street is a good place. Here is a quality glove I saw this morning. See how it retains its shape.
The piece of paper was blank. Which said it all (ie nothing).

just updated the blog to version 2.64. Seems to have gone ok.
I also did some SQL stuff to force allow-comments on all my old entries and this should be the default for all new entries.
so now the blog can be very interactive and we can all be happy.

we went to a party yesterday. i was carrying kezia and she shouted for joy when she saw a giant (to her) bouncy castle. i put her down and she ran to it. instead of jumping on, she threw herself on to the pile of shoes left in front of it and, with much squeels of delight, started playing with them instead.
she loves shoes does our kezia.

more congestion charge avoidance schemes. this time a tea-trolley. one wheel has been removed to reduce drag and add additional excitement.
this trolley had been abandoned on the street. i suspect this was because there are no dedicated trolley parks around here (other than in-house supermarket provided ones)

As some of you may know, I suffer from Chronic Pain. It was really bad, but now it’s not so bad.
One of the things which really helped me when it was at its badest (and I suspect contributed to my improved condition) was having a good look at my diet.
I was greatly helped by a friend from church called Eileen Fletcher. She wrote a fantastic book and has just produced an even better web version.
Food For Thought
Highly recommended (nice photos too!)

whilst stuck on a train today (usual journey time 5 mins, today 30 mins) esther and i did some spelling practice.
i saw a sign saying ‘litter’ by a bin. i went through the word phonetically –
“li spells ‘li’
double tt is ‘t’
er is like at the end of esther, so is ‘er’
li – tt – er , li-tt-er. what does that spell ?”
“it spells bin” said esther.
“don’t be a fool” i said. “it spells ‘litter'”.
“what’s litter daddy” said esther.
and therein lies the problem. kids today read everywhere “do not drop litter” yet they don’t even know what litter is.

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