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as you know, traffic wise, London is gridlocked and totally hopeless.
Wrong. Thanks to Ken’s fantastic Congestion Charge, people are turning to other methods of transport.
Here are a few more examples shown together in this terrif photo. How many can you spot ?
Answer: Horses in convoy, motorbike, push bike, walking and lastly, bin lorry.
Who knows there may also be some underground lines running under this street

comedy scene of the day:
in henley i saw a young lad accidently propel his lollypop out of its holder and in to his granny’s handbag ! It shattered in to pieces as it landed to add to the comedy factor.
granny and childs faces were priceless. didn’t get a photo. sorry

New Product Concept: instant ironing in a can
what does it do ?
instant spray on ironing. simply point the can at a crinkled shirt. spray on the effected area and creases are removed.
how does it work ?
it dissolves small amounts of raised areas of the shirt and moves them to ‘trough’ areas thus redistributing the material in an even way
is it dangerous ?
only if you use it

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