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we started esther’s fourth birthday party by makling the kids stand in a line as if in detention. we had to assert the ground rules and a little fear never hurt anyone.
There was a bit of a stampede when the Pin The Tail On The Donkey competition opened. (click photo for bigger version – everyone is in motion!)
the excitement got a bit too much for one of the parents
the girls were made to sit in line for afternoon tea. standards couldn’t be dropped just because we had friends round.
jane made the cake which took her ages. it was brilliant and a pile of pooh.
the birthday girl with new hat, sunglasses and face tattoo (hopefully not permanent)

this has a feel of infinity (binfinity maybe). it’s on a dog poo bin and seems to requesting kids’ waste too.
in the picture the grown up looks like they are carrying a box with themselves and the kid and dog in. or perhaps it’s a portable tv showing a video of themselves.
whatever, it’s a mirror within a mirror within a mirror or real life don’t you think ?

today this station was very busy because of the Henley Regata. The picture doesn’t really show how stupid busy it was.
Quote from Thames Trains:
Around 25,000 more passengers will use the Henley branch line during the 5 days of the Regatta, with a staggering 10,000 users expected on Saturday 5th July

it’s not really right to take photos of things at the local rubbish tip.
however, i’ve decided to start looking for a complete deck.
here are my starters: 2 and 7 of clubs

i mended our summer house this evening. Nothing too tricky (otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to do it) – it was just replacing the decking at the front.
To get the old decking out I had to chisel out some old bits of wood. Esther asked me what the tool which looked like a screwdriver was. I told her it was called a chisel.
“Why do you call it a twissel ?” she replied
“I don’t” i said.
but a “hammer and twissel” has a nice right to it. prancing carpenters. that’s the future (perhaps I should commission a series on this for daytime TV)
here’s what it looks like now (the decking on the front step is the bit you have to be impressed by!)

i live in a no through road, fairly close to the point of no return. it surprised me therefore to see a bus going up the street.
it surprised me slighlty less when it reversed slowly back down the road a few minutes later.

the lovely ladies in reception are a bit bonkers. The face drawing exercise proved this.
today anita was wearing some headjoy (a bandana thing). it was made from an old skirt i believe.
she removed it just now and her hair sprung forth. scarey stuff.

Process everything today.
for example, don’t say “I am going to eat an apple”
instead say “I am going to consume an apple using The Eating Process”
[i have entered this text using The Typing Process]

the things people throw away. saw this next to a bin this morning.
it’s a full glass of lime and soda complete with slice of lemon and black straw.
10 minutes down the road i had seen a can of coke with a black straw in and nearby two baby cans of coke.

i went to the house of commons for a work meeting yesterday. how exclusive i thought. when i finally got in to the building i got lost in corridors looking for my meeting room.
what i did find was loads of school kids everywhere. the last thing they need in the house of commons is commoners. oh well.

i must have walked past these ancient lights tens of hundreds of times, but today, for the first time, i noticed the sign which says “ancient lights”
they are on either side of the pub opposite my office called the Hope and there are two signs next to the two (ancient) lights.
it’s next to the Pollocks Toy Museum. next time you are in London, why not visit both attractions at the same time (and take me out for lunch as well)

now, it appears to me that colour is an anagram of odour. if you cut the d of odour with some scissors, then you can get a c and an l as in oclour, which is an anagram of colour. easy.
you can try this trick with other words. simply take the letters, straighten them out in to one long black line and reshape them in to new letters. (you may have to make the letters slightly smaller if you haven’t got enough length). this way anything is an anagram of anything else.
whilst we are on the subject of colour and odour, why are smells depicted as brown ? Bisto is an obvious example of a positive brown smell, but of course brown is the official colour of bad smells too. makes you think.

i was musing on the way to work that most of my blog is regarding human remains – ie people, how they react with the world and the things they leave behind in the their wake.
This thinking was following my usual “do i like working in london or not”. an hour and a half (often two hour) commute each way sometimes makes you consider these things.
i then wondered about moving to some obscure part of the country, downsizing as they call it, and whether there would be enough bloggable local material.
could nature itself provide enough blog twaddle ? As if to partially answer the question, i saw these two feathers on the footpath in front of me.
not sure which way that answers my question (which is purely hypothetical by the way)

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