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i put the wrong destination in my satnav so ended up 10 minutes walk from where i wanted to be.  so i thought i’d walk the ten minutes rather than drive the rest of the way


and on the way i saw a man walking his guitar and some spare shoes




5 Responses to the guitarist

  • I think you shot Dave(!)… really cool that last gif. How did you do that? It seems like the whole bridge is warping.

    • hah. what are the chances of that (probably quite high as i’d just visited the hum salon). the secret is to a series of shots loaded as layers in photoshop, then clicking on ‘align layers’ to get them vaguely to line up. Next step is to create the animated gif using the timeline tool in photoshop, duplicate the timeline then reverse the second half to get the to and fro motion. then crop. simples 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

  • Cool! Did you take these pictures recently? Or is there usually a delay before you post them?

  • ‘Cause if you took it on Sunday it’s probably not the Dave I know after all cause I just realised he recently cut his hair 😀 Cool nevertheless…

  • There is usually a delay but these were taken this Sunday. Perhaps it’s a different Dave. Daves are everywhere!

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