November 2009



we went to a firework display on friday night.  bit of a late night as it doesn’t get properly dark here until 9pm.  but was worth the wait.


this is not a love shop


this is the window display in a shop near my office called “this is not a love shop”


these two mannequins in the shop are covered in hair.  fantastic stuff.



weeee !


kids sit in these things and they spin round. except they are at an angle and they seem to have their momentum.  so kids go on them, get themselves in to a flat spin and can’t stop themselves.  tremendous stuff !

pay less for plastic


i’ve no idea what this sign is about.  it’s not on a shop or anything.  i think it’s just a general statement !


the rather worrying army surplus shop


there’s an army surplus shop near my new office and it’s worryingly fantastic.  everyone who works there is wearing the clothes on sale which makes finding an assistant a good challenge. I decided not to attempt to take any pictures in the shop in case i got attacked.

bread and milk combo


ah.  that classic combo.  bread and milk.  that’ll be, er, milky bread sir.

admiring fridge freezers


hopefully by the time you read this our new fridge freezer will have turned up.  it’s a fisher price one.

can you believe it


this is general recycling, not my own intake.  honest.

thong modesty


new zealand mannequins aren’t letting us down at all.  here’s a cheeky little mannequin in a thong looking rather sheepish in the corner of a shop window for all to (nearly) see.

jane buys a local sockulator


it’s funny the things you miss.  jane really missed her sockulator which is in our container (so we’ll not see it until December).  but we sourced a local one and our lives are once again complete.