November 2009

sisters of mercy


i used to be a goth, a long time ago.  and i loved the sisters of mercy.  and i think i had a rather funky metal necklace which looked a bit like this too.  small world.

how to diss a pier completed


i don’t mean to diss a pier, but this is nothing but a long plank on which to have a short walk.

what to do about ugly brides


although it looks like the lady in the middle is dressed up as a circus dragon, she’s in fact wearing a wedding dress, and the chap adjusting the umbrella is the groom.  they were having their wedding photos taken and the umbrella blew inside out.

so there you go.  the picture explained.

some birds


it’s a flying king fisher and a heron in down town auckland


two birds just like back in the UK.  both common sights over here apparentlinio.


7 8 6 ?


we all know that seven ate nine.  but it looks like seven ate six here too.  which is why it’s so large.

beware of the scarey (scaredy?) cat


i saw this sign out of the bus window last week as i commutted to work and thought to myself that i needed to get a picture of it.  luckily we went out for a walk with our friend Abbie on Saturday afternoon and happened to walk by it !  so here it is in nice clearness rather than out the bus window wobblyness !

classic london street scene


this has got it all.  a couple of metropolitan police bollards, a rubbish bin, a twin faced post box, and an abandoned plastic cutlery tray.  And it’s literally in hopping distance to Tony Blair, ex president of the UK’s, house.  (no political comment intended)

the flight to work


as commutes go, it’s quite a long one, but quite pretty on a nice day like last Friday when i had a day trip to wellington to my other office


here are some shots from the plane


airnz is great. 


they have a really funny safety video which they show on short haul flights (you’ll probably need to watch it twice on youtube here) and they give you a bag of sweets (which they call lollies, but there were no sticks to be seen)


and when it’s nearly time to land they give you a boiled sweet.  apparently airnz tried to withdraw these complementary sweets but the whole country revolted.  so they were reinstated.

you’ve got to love a country which is completely laid back about everything except a free boiled sweets to protect your ears when on a plane.


going bang


i think i’m right in saying fireworks are only on sale in NZ for 3 days before bonfire night, which is why it’s a novelty and people get so excited about them.  here’s a chap setting up a firework display.  if you click on the picture you can see he’s a rather short fellow, perhaps having become a victim of his own success.  he also seems to have wired his ears in to the detonators.


i just hope he’s not a bomb disposal expert.

sky tower between two trees


perhaps my ‘buildings between lamp posts’ category needs to be expanded to include ‘buildings between palm trees’

fish and chips


we went to our local fish and chips shop last night to get some, er, fish and chips.  they had three different sorts of fish.  one was snapper but we’d not heard of the rest.  we went for two types and did some sampling.  the jury was split.  and rather confused.

herbivore or carnivore


i had a day trip to Wellington last friday and went to a number of cafes throughout the day (it’s where people do work).  at lunch i had a burger at a fantastic little cafe, which gave plastic dinosaurs out rather than order numbers.  nice idea.