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Monthly Archives: September 2009


This was a real missed opportunity shot.  A few moments before the rainbow was on the other side of the boat and it looked like the boat was sailing in to it.  

unfortunately i was driving, so i stopped the car and grabbed my compact camera which isn’t as easy to control and burnt out the highlights of the white boat. I also note i cropped off the second rainbow just to the right of the frame. 

oh well.  say lavey.  go on.  say it.   thank you.


I don’t think I even got half way through our scottish holiday before being distracted by real life.  So i’ll have a few days of scottish things, and slot in real life around it.


I am usually very careful about taking pictures in toilets, but everyone was doing it here.  In a very tasteful way of course.


I was even allowed to show the girls round the men’s room.


we then went and stared at a parked up war ship


the girls’ weekly spellings reveal what they are currently learning at school. 

for example, kezia is learning about the Romans at the moment so we get words like soldier etc.

but i’m not sure what Esther is learning.  here are her spells for this week.


the first 4 are harmless enough, but the rest suggest something more along the lines of what i get (or got) up to at work when discussing internet safety. are they teaching criminal investigation techniques ?

As I’ve mentioned numerously (yawn) as part of the ‘big move’ to New Zealand, we’ve been doing some great works on clearing the loft.  Here are some dolls which i’ve just unearthed


they are very bizarre.

090913_450d_img_8796.jpg 090913_450d_img_8798.jpg

090913_450d_img_8803.jpg 090913_450d_img_8812.jpg

090913_450d_img_8818.jpg 090913_450d_img_8822.jpg

090913_450d_img_8827.jpg 090913_450d_img_8816.jpg

shh. don’t wake the spooky dolls.


what should you do with a postbox ?  put it in a box.  where will this all end ?  box in a box in a box ?  talking about thinking inside the box


i’m pretty certain if you wait long enough you can get a sign for almost every object on the planet with an arrow pointing at it with its name on.  I hadn’t expected this one to be quite so big though.

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