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Monthly Archives: December 2008


so, yesterday morning, the girls and i went to cut down a tree at the local tree chopping place. it was twice as expensive to chop a tree down than to chop your own, but it’s a tradition now so we have to go through with it


unfortunately the stock of trees seems to be reducing each year so it took us quite a while to find one we wanted.  we also did more checking for dead branches after last year’s ‘dead stick’ look.


here’s kezia at work with the saw


eventually the beast was felled


and then it was back home to get it decorated before it had realised it had even been dug up.


and this year, just to prove we’re especially holy, we’ve got three angels (that’s a triangle)


i had lunch with long time blog reader and international singing superstar Brad.  he was over in london for work.  We had a really great lunch and it was great to meet in real life after like 3 years or something.  i think he’s in this video if you want to see him in action


there are so many cool art deco buildings around london (list here).


and there’s quite a few on the road near my office on the outskirts of london


one morning this week i walked to work just as the sun was coming up so managed to grab some shots with blue sky in the background


the bright thing is a street light, not the sun which wasn’t yet above the horizon


here’s another building. 

i’m going to make it my duty to take more pictures of these fantastic buildings which are all over the place according to the link above

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