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i took this pictures back in 2003 and they still make me chuckle


the nativity is of course back out at church this year.  tomorrow’s blog will consist entirely of some of the characters within it.  and of course the wise men on their way


esther let me share this picture with you.  she was keen to tell me she drew it over a year ago, and i actually fished it out of her dustbin to take the photo.

you might think the wise man on the left is heading in the wrong direction, but he’s actually hurrying along his camel.  we can only see the head of the camel as esther wasn’t able to draw camels at that stage.

so now we know.


(page updated dec 2013)

here’s what i wrote last year. an ideal last minute present, and perhaps even better this year as we’re all creditally challenged ?


We’ve made some ‘treat vouchers’ for our girls for christmas, and it struck me these are a brilliant last minute or additional christmas present for a friend or family member.  Best of all, they are individual and needn’t cost you any real money if you don’t want !essentially you print off the voucher, cut them out and staple to produce a cheque book of lovely treats, such as:

  • For younger children:
    • A trip to the fun park
    • A day out with just mummy or daddy (your choice)
    • A free room tidy
    • Stay up 30 minutes late
    • Use mummy’s nail varnish
    • Trip to feed the ducks
    • Free bag of sweets from the supermarket
  • For older children
    • Dinner of their choosing
    • Lift in to / back from town
    • Pamper evening at home for them and a friend
    • Video evening with friends
    • Trip to the cinema with a parent/friend of their choice
  • For Adults
    • Luxury home restaurant evening (you’ll organise food/drinks/family waitress etc)
    • Luxury home spa (you’ll organise the candles/bathstuff/music etc)
    • Trip to the cinema (you’ll organise the babysitter etc)
    • Home wine tasting with 2 friends (you’ll get a few bottles in and create a DIY wine tasting experience at home)
    • I’ll do the housework this week (new idea!)
    • I’ll do the supermarket shop and put it all away (new idea!)
    • I’ll do the laundry and ironing and put it all away (new idea!)

If you want to download my template, i’ve put it in my flickr account here .  it’s a 2MB download, which you can get to via the ‘all sizes’ then ‘original’ above the image here

There are 5 on a sheet – we’ve made cheque books of 10 vouchers, so that’s 2 pages (for those who are mathematically challenged)

Let me know how you get on and the kinds of things you put on the treat vouchers and i’ll add them to the list

UPDATE (after last christmas): just to let you know, jane says it was her bestest friend julie who gave her the idea of the vouchers, so credit to her excellent self is due.  And the vouchers themselves went down a treat and esther says they are amongst her best present !  huzzah.


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