November 2008

roal dahl


i love roahl dahl and this article in the Observer at the weekend (mostly) made me love him even more.  when i got to the end paragraph it really struck a chord.


although it pales in to insignificance compared to dahl, i like to hope i occasionally manage to transform the ordinary into something unexpectedly enchanting.  and i know i spend a lot of time looking down (at dummies etc) when all the other adults are looking up.  that’s not always a good thing though

hoorah for roal dahl’s approach to life i say and his random ‘treats’ and acts of kindness

dummy outside tescos


the security guard in the background asked me what i was doing.  so i told him.  this was possibly my most dangerous dummy photo so far as i nearly got squashed by a number of shoppers who were driving their trolleys at speed towards the just opened portcullis

kezia’s first tinny


kezia was delighted to be able to open her first can of fizzy pop all by her self.  here’s her first solo pour.  life is full of firsts at her age.

found passport photo


i found this chap face down in paddington station.  very satisfying.  and when i get davescollections back up and running proper i’ll be able to put him on there !

bryn haworth


we went to an excellent concert by bryn haworth last night.  more photos here