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October 2008

small spooky girl


i had lined myself up to take a picture of this strange wedding shop with it’s lose ‘A’ and this small girl in a spooky cloak floated by.


just after i’d taken the picture a police car whizzed by, but it didn’t stop to arrest me.

queuing for their treats


i’m reading animal farm with esther at the moment.  these swans have learnt to queue up for their treats

very small writing


these signs are on the side of the canal near my office.  to read the writing on the white stickers you have to stand on the canal-side of the footpath and crouch down to read the small writing …


which tells you to watch out for bicycles


Enis’s fantastic cafe


i read about enis’s cafe on the excellent ‘nothing to see here’ blog and a few days later found myself walking past its entrance at lunch time so popped in for a sausage sandwich.  it was as fantastic as i’d hoped and just as mysterious.

i asked whether there was any story behind the decorations and was told “look around you’ll find lots of stories”.

then i was presented my sandwich wrapped in a piece of tissue paper with the words “you’ll find this is spot on”.  And it was.

i’ll be back …

multi channel tv


a strange chain of events concluded with me stumbling across these stirrers on double yellow lines.  it started with me finally listening to a podcast from stephen fry which had been sitting on my podcast for months.  it was all about broadcasting (specifically this) although i hadn’t realised in advance it would be.  so rather than being just fun, it was unexpectedly work-related and fun instead.

in the podcast he referred to a sketch he did in his old fry and laurie days about multi-channel television involving plastic stirrers which is on youtube here (relevant bit is around 2mins, then  just after 4 mins – language on video perhaps completely safe for work)  

Anyway what should i see yesterday, but a load of stirrers.  if stephen fry had been standing next to them then it would have been a perfect circle. 

(disclaimer – views expressed above are not even my own, let alone my employer’s!)

modern future


can you guess where this photo was taken (clue in the title)

end of survey


i can see me using this photo in some work presentations feedback consumer research or somesuch


kirby and west


my brother and i were sitting in a cafe in leicestershire the other week when he suddenly exclaimed ‘oh, wow’.  i looked and had the same response.

i’d totally forgotten about Kirby and West milk floats and their yellow and blue livery.  it was suddenly like being old and young at the same time, with memories of chinking bottles and the fun on snowy days when these light weight electric vehicles couldn’t get up a nearby hilly street.

makes you wonder what else we’ve forgotten.  i think the fear of forgetting is part of my obsessive archival of the mundane

hanging brooms


you’ll probably need to click on this picture to see how excellent they’ve hung their brooms