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multi channel tv


a strange chain of events concluded with me stumbling across these stirrers on double yellow lines.  it started with me finally listening to a podcast from stephen fry which had been sitting on my podcast for months.  it was all about broadcasting (specifically this) although i hadn’t realised in advance it would be.  so rather than being just fun, it was unexpectedly work-related and fun instead.

in the podcast he referred to a sketch he did in his old fry and laurie days about multi-channel television involving plastic stirrers which is on youtube here (relevant bit is around 2mins, then  just after 4 mins – language on video perhaps completely safe for work)  

Anyway what should i see yesterday, but a load of stirrers.  if stephen fry had been standing next to them then it would have been a perfect circle. 

(disclaimer – views expressed above are not even my own, let alone my employer’s!)


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