the bird in our garden


this bird of prey popped in to our garden when we were having tea last night.  it then dived in to our neighbour’s garden.


we have a lot of nature round our way.  in the last few days, from our garden you’ve been able to see a passing hedgehog, half a dozen red kites and now a hawk (?).  

there was a moth on the lawn the other day too.


1 thought on “the bird in our garden”

  1. Alan writes:
    Hi Dave, unfortunately I can’t seem to log on in order to make a comment on Funkypancake, but if I could I’d say “well done” on the great picture of a female sparrowhawk in your garden! Ok, they may zap other smaller birds but they are fantastic things, incredibly aerobatic even through thick woodland, and it shows that the environment around your way is probably in pretty good shape. So what you missed out butterfly-wise on Sunday you’ve more than made up for bird-wise! Great!

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