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Monthly Archives: April 2008


i like this sign.  i especially like how they’ve clarified it’s not actually paper persons they need, it’s people delivery persons.  just so you don’t get confused. 

it’s also interesting that they changed the word ‘deliverys’ to areas.  probably to avoid a spelling amiguity. 

i do that myself – whenever i try to write scared i never know whether i’ve written scarred (or vice versa – still not sure) so write ‘worried’ instead.

080417_850_img_7943.jpg 080417_850_img_7945.jpg

these mannequins were in a fancy dress shop in brussels and were the size of a young child.  just in case you wanted to dress them up all funky.


i was very tempted to go and get a couple of costumes, but common sense got the better of me. 

last week was a door sign day with three fantastic door signs spotted in different shops in close proximity to each other. 


i like the expectation of the yellow one above.


and this very apologetic door called leon who loves us


and this slightly vague one, which at least suggests we don’t use the window.


i saw this outside a photo shop – it’s a classic advertising picture which is usually in glorious colour with the  version on the right hand side better exposed by the people who run the shop proving they have the technology skills to digitally improve your shots.

only this advert obviously spends a lot of its time in direct sunlight and has faded to just blue.  not a great advert.

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